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Creative Evaluation

Effectiveness in DSP ad creative is nuanced. Best practice is typically to use auto-generated content when serving on the Amazon domain. However, all brands have different needs, so letting the data inform is the best approach here.

Promotion Planning

Pairing DSP ads with promotional events like lightning deals and tentpole events like Prime Day can be a powerful combination. Conversely, it is important to ensure that your ads are not subsidizing the purchases of your core audience.

Remarketing & Retention

We need to ensure that all of your campaigns are working together towards the common goal of converting new customers into buyers, and existing customers into subscribers (if applicable) and/or brand loyalists.


Marketing Cloud

DSP ads often do not get the credit they deserve. Last click attribution modeling gives all of the credit to the last ad, which is typically a search ad. AMC allows us to disperse credit to all impressions across the funnel.

Campaign Structure

First, we examine the structure of the campaigns to ensure that a full marketing funnel is created that not only drives awareness with a target audience, but also moves shoppers towards conversion.

Streaming TV (CTV/OTT)

Amazon's DSP allows advertisers to book streaming TV media, using the same targeting for their banner ads. STV can be incredibly powerful, but is generally un-clickable, so pairing it with properly-timed clickable content is key.

Targeting Analysis

Starting with a deep dive of search term reports, we create thorough reporting that examines branded vs. non-branded terms, competitor ASIN targeting, ad location, and frequency. Finally, we ensure keyword harvesting is effective.



The competitiveness of Amazon Advertising search terms and ASIN targets varies throughout the day. With the availability of Amazon Stream data, we can understand when the optimal times are to serve ads. 



A key component of designing an Amazon strategy that grows your business through new customers, is understanding where your products rank organically. Together, we make a plan to win certain terms that are essential to the category.


of Voice

Identifying the ideal share of voice (SOV) on a search results page is crucial to successfully converting new customers. Brands must secure the right amount of SOV of viewable placements, combining organic and ads, to drive sales.

Creative Evaluation

Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Display offer increasingly more opportunity to communicate with imagery. Exploring the data and setting up a framework for testing can unlock valuable insights for new creative production.

Amazon Marketing Cloud

Shoppers rarely convert when they only see a single impression from your brand. Seeking the ideal multimedia approach to show the right frequency of ads will ensure the most optimal advertising strategy.


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Amazon Advertising Audit

Amazon Advertising is still a nascent platform, which means it is difficult to find experienced individuals to manage and optimize your campaigns. Demand for Amazon Advertising talent simply outpaced supply. Work with Jeremy Dodge to refine your brand's internal process for optimizing your investment, and tap into his nine years of experience growing brands with the platform. Learn to report on incrementality so you can unlock your highest growth potential and acquire new customers on Amazon.

Unrivaled Experience


Jeremy has been working with Amazon Advertising since it's inception in 2014, and has been an early adopter and/or beta tester for many of the ads we use today. He has managed strategies on his own as well as through agency partners. 

Rest assured that your Amazon investments will be optimized by the best in the industry

Amazon Advertising Console

Sponsored search (formerly known as AMS) is the part of your Amazon Advertising strategy where you bid on placements on the Amazon website and mobile app. Ads are known as Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, and Sponsored Display. These placements will show up in search results and on product pages. The biggest question facing advertisers is whether or not their investment is incremental, meaning it gets sales that otherwise would not have happened.

We ensure that your products show up in front of the right shoppers, at the right time.

DSP Platform

Amazon's DSP (demand side platform)  launched in 2018 as an evolution from the AAP (Amazon Ad Platform). The platform forever altered the way programmatic media is used. Instead of targeting audiences based on their internet browsing behavior, DSP uses Amazon purchase history and shopping behavior. DSP is a crucial component of larger Amazon Advertising strategies, allowing brands to improve their brand awareness with highly targeted audiences.

DSP allows us to make your brand top of mind for the shoppers that are in-market for your products.

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