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The Horse is a name rich with timeless metaphors that apply to the wild west of digital business. The Horse remains the epitome of an all-terrain vehicle, empowering intrepid explorers to traverse uncharted terrain and triumph in their quests. However, when the rider victoriously rides back into town, the horse takes no credit. That is how we hope to help your business. Such is our aspiration—to humbly help your business to achieve its goals.

We just couldn’t fathom that the world needed another commonplace agency name that plays off the same generic business jargon ( Not quite our stride.).


We’re actually not even that into riding horses as much as we are in awe of their ability to conquer new frontiers. That said, Jeremy is a big fan of clothing that features horses on it (and no, not the ubiquitous polo player). Our team stands ready to ride alongside you, harnessing the raw potential of your brand and galloping towards success.

The way people work has gone through remarkable changes in recent years. Growing a brand is no easy feat. The obstacles encountered during the journey from to your first $5 million differ significantly from those encountered when scaling the next $95 million.


Committing to building a team of employees is a major decision. We like to compare it to the idea of tying the knot after just a few dates, which, as you can imagine, is not the wisest choice!


When you collaborate with The Horse, we take the lead in shaping your digital growth strategies. We provide valuable insights on the optimal mix of in-house talent and the opportune moments to leverage our outstanding pool of freelancers. Think of us as fractional leaders integrated into your brand, empowering you to make the most astute decisions tailored to your unique business stage.

Fractional Leadership


While this website uses collective pronouns like “we” to describe what “we” do, The Horse has just one employee. This is by design. We deliberately steer away from the pursuit of building a colossal agency with a hundred staff members. Instead, our focus lies in tailoring our services to meet the unique needs of each client, eschewing a one-size-fits-all approach.


Under the guidance of Jeremy Dodge, The Horse thrives on a vast network of skilled freelancers and hand-picked agency partners. By closely collaborating with our clients, Jeremy examines their present business landscape, plotting the course for the execution of strategic plans. We are in the business of helping your brand find the right support, at precisely the right time.

About Jeremy

Why The Horse?

Our Process


Jeremy’s expertise lies in fostering brand growth through strategic utilization of digital channels, with a keen focus on optimizing customer lifetime value (LTV) and minimizing customer acquisition costs (CAC). With an acute understanding of the transformative power of eCommerce, he has consistently identified disruptive opportunities within brick-and-mortar retail, positioning brands at the forefront of innovation.

Jeremy's career has been shaped by his ability to recognize and capitalize on the potential for disruption in various industries. As a trailblazer, he has continuously provided brands with the coveted first-mover advantage, driving unprecedented growth and success. He passionately embraces the evolving landscape of digital commerce, understanding that staying ahead requires constant learning and adaptability. Jeremy's unwavering commitment to self-improvement and his relentless pursuit of knowledge have been instrumental in his achievements thus far. LinkedIn

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